Asus previews the 'ultimate Eee PC'

More amo for those people who think Asus might have lost their way slightly since their triumphant Eee PC days. This is a prototype for the S101, which has been branded the “ultimate Eee PC”. But rather than embracing the Eee PC’s key selling points (i.e. its low cost) in this ultimate version, it seems to ignore them.

It’s super thin, at 21mm thick, but features the same Intel Atom processor. However, this one is premium and is so going to cost a fair wack more than the original. – up to $699 for the 64GB SSD version.

The good news is it’s coming in brown, which whilst it might have some of the internet throwing up its hands in horror, has me in raptures of chocolatey love. In actual fact, the rumours are that this premium model is going to ditch the Eee PC branding altogether, and yet again, I find myself wondering why I dislike Asus diversifying so very much…

[via Engadget]

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Susi Weaser