Shiny Gallery: The Top Twelve Robots of the Screen

Television robots have been our friends for a long time. We’ve enjoyed their antics as kids, and as we grew up so did they, with spin off shows, film versions (Transformers) and a whole range of new weaponry and powers emerged. Here’s my round-up of my twelve favourite Robots. You’ll notice some missing, but hey, these are MY favourites, not yours.


Zara Rabinowicz

One thought on “Shiny Gallery: The Top Twelve Robots of the Screen

  • What about Gort from “The day the Earth Stood Still” – Klattu Barada Nictu?
    Or Robbie – “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”
    But the best of all, the Maria robot from Metropolis – Really evil with mad eyes, what more could you want from a robot?

    Guessing I like old films.

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