Brain aneurysms treated with AI, Kia Concept EV4 unveiled


Image: Sky News

The treatment of brain aneurysms could be transformed by a software platform powered by artificial intelligence. Researchers found the programme, called PreSize, was more accurate placing a stent than experienced neurosurgeons. An aneurysm is a weak or thin spot on a vessel wall in the brain that fills with blood – and they can be life threatening if they burst. A stent is a mesh tube which springs open to divert blood flow, avoiding extra pressure that could cause the aneurysm to rupture. Sky News 

Racist and sexist artificial intelligence (AI) bots pose a risk to the financial system, Bank of England officials have warned. Self-teaching algorithms could be able to pick up biases from datasets and wider society, according to a new report from the Bank’s fintech hub, which could then be used to discriminate against customers or staff in the workplace. Kathleen Blake, an analyst at the Bank of England who authored the report, said this could create problems for banks, insurers and the financial system as a whole. Telegraph 

Ebay is facing a fine of nearly $2 billion for allegedly enabling the sale of ‘rolling coal’ devices and other deliberately polluting equipment that violates environmental laws. The US Department of Justice alleges that the online retailer sold more than 343,000 so-called defeat devices in violation of the Clean Air Act, with each sale the subject of a $5,580 fine. Rolling coal has become a form of anti-environmentalism protest in the United States, involving the modification of a diesel engine in order to emit black clouds of sooty exhaust fumes. Independent 

X, formerly Twitter, has told the EU it has removed or flagged “tens of thousands of pieces of content” since Hamas attacked Israel. Chief executive Linda Yaccarino said it had removed hundreds of accounts. The EU had given X a 24-hour deadline to explain how it was complying with European law. It acted after it said there had been a surge in misinformation on social media about the conflict, such as doctored images and mislabelled videos. The EU previously said it had “indications” that X was being used to “disseminate illegal content and disinformation” in Europe. BBC 

The new Kia Concept EV4

The new Kia Concept EV4 previews a bold electric saloon that will arrive in 2026 and serve as a “symbol of innovation” for the Korean brand. The concept, which is very close to how the final production car will look, showcases the first saloon in in Kia’s line-up of EV-branded machines. While broadly a saloon, the future Tesla Model 3 rival has a distinctive design that draws in elements from other types of car.

In a victory for privacy advocates and consumers, the California governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that would enable residents to request that their personal information be deleted from the coffers of all the data brokers in the state. The bill, SB 362, otherwise known as the Delete Act, was introduced in April 2023 by the state senator Josh Becker in an attempt to give Californians more control over their privacy. The Guardian 




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