Top Crypto Trading Platforms

Crypto trading allows people to make huge profits in the shortest period and having minimum initial investment. All due to the high volatility and instability of the crypto field. The market is still very young, so it reacts sharply to the news and other factors. The main components of successful trading:

  • ability to analyze the market and the factors affecting it;
  • picking a proper trading strategy;
  • choosing a safe cryptocurrency trading platform.

Let’s talk about how to find the safest crypto exchange. There are some factors to consider when choosing a trading platform:

  1. Registration and jurisdiction. If you work with a crypto exchange without registration, don’t expect help if you face trouble. If you work with an official exchange, you can always address its management for any issues.
  2. Funds storage. Pay attention to how an exchange stores users’ money. It would be good if funds were kept offline, as WhiteBIT does. 
  3. Check out if a platform regularly undergoes a security audit. There must be all the needed licenses.
  4. See if an exchange supports popular trading pairs.
  5. What trading instruments are supported?
  6. What is the fee policy? Does the commission vary depending on the tool you use? 
  7. Does the exchange provide customer support?

We have selected the top 5 crypto platforms for investing in crypto.

Popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Use in 2023

Here is the list of the safest platforms for crypto trading:

  1. Binance
  2. Kraken
  3. WhiteBIT
  4. KuCoin
  5. Coinbase.

Note that each of them charges a different fee for transactions. However, they offer various financial instruments such as margin trading, futures, and others. Binance is the world’s known platform where probably all crypto traders have accounts. WhiteBIT is a relatively young service compared with other exchanges from our ranking. However, WhiteBIT has already proved to be a reliable and credible platform. It has not been noticed in scandals, and it was not attacked by hackers. The reputation of WhiteBIT is clean. Over 2 million people use this exchange daily. Read more about the WhiteBIT crypto invest platform on its official website and blog.