Common Signs of Hard Disk Failures

While the hard disk is one of the major components of our computer systems, they’re also often overlooked. You might be surprised to know that hard disk failure is the most common cause of data loss. So, it’s important to take steps before your hard drive crashes, resulting in substantial data loss.

Fortunately, it’s easy to tell if your hard disk is failing. Following are the warning signs that your hard drive may be experiencing some kind of failure:

Your Computer Freezes or Slows Down.

When your hard disk is on the verge of failing, it might cause your computer to freeze, slow down, or display a blue screen. While there might be other reasons behind it, a failing hard drive is the most common one. Overlooking this issue can impede hard drive failure. So, get it fixed as soon as possible.

Date Gets Corrupted.

If you encounter any of the following signs of corrupted data, then it might be a telltale sign of a failing hard drive:

  • The file name becomes scrambled.
  • You receive a random error message when trying to open, move, or save files.
  • You’re unable to open files.
  • Your files contain corrupted data.
  • Files have disappeared.

Two major causes behind data corruption are either a virus or an accumulation of bad sectors on your hard drive.

Your Computer is Making Unusual Sounds.

If your CPU or computer is making alien sounds, it’s usually because of a failing hard disk. These sounds generally include screeching noises, grinding, and/or consistent clicking sound.

Your Computer Doesn’t Recognize Your Drive.

If your computer fails to recognize your drive, it means there could be a problem with the drive, not the computer. Test it on another computer to figure out the exact reason.
This is a logical hard drive failure unless you hear unusual noises indicating a severe mechanical issue with it.

Common Signs of Hard Disk Physical Failure

  • Overheating
  • Unusual noises
  • Blue Screen
  • Stuck spindle motor
  • Inability to boot your device
  • Bad sectors

Common Signs of Hard Disk Logical Failure

  • Frequent error messages randomly
  • Corrupted or disappearing files and folders
  • Irregular disk errors and system crashes
  • The operating system is unable to boot
  • M.A.R.T. monitoring shows hard disk issues

What to Do If Your Hard Drive Fails

When a hard disk failure happens, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. It could exaggerate the problem and make it hard to retrieve lost data. Especially in case of physical damage, software programs may not help retrieve your files properly. You may end up losing your favorite memories, pictures, videos, and other files stored on your computer. You can’t even imagine losing them.

The best course of action is to hire an emergency data recovery service provider. A team of experienced and well-equipped engineers can help recover your data safely. These experienced professionals work with all models and make hard drives. So, they have a good success rate in recovering your hard drive.

So, pay attention to warning signs of hard drive failure and act quickly.

Staff Writer