Top 5 Video Games That Feature Gambling

The Legend of Zelda, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Grand Theft Auto, SoulCalibur, Super Mario Galaxy, Red Dead Redemption, and Metroid Prime. These are some of the best video games ever created that still top charts to this very day, even though they’ve been around for quite some time. 

These days, however, having a gambling feature has added an element of fun and excitement to make the experience far more worthwhile. With UK online casino game favourites such as blackjack, slots, poker, baccarat, and roulette, adding these to video gaming would undoubtedly take the industry by storm. 

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Favourites That Don’t Have Features as Yet

The UK market is known to have its favourites; however, the video gaming industry hasn’t yet had top charted video games in medium volatility slots, baccarat, and roulette. This may be slightly disheartening for some, but this doesn’t mean that players can’t still run over to their top casinos. With new releases in video games coming out now and then, we look forward to seeing game studios that can include these gambling features. 

Top 5 Video Games That Feature Gambling

Since the market has not yet developed something fun for video gamers in slots, baccarat, and roulette, fortunately, there is a list of top video games that have included the UK’s favourites in poker and blackjack. This is a list of the top five video games that have included a touch of the online casino industry

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This video game is known to have a blackjack gambling feature. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a quirky video game that has formed part of many headlines since its introduction. With the added blackjack feature, the video game brings along fun quests in casinos that players can explore. 

When it comes to GTA: San Andreas, we enjoy the fun and excitement that comes with the character, Carl Johnson, fighting the bad guys in a bid to save the streets and his family. It’s all guns blazing in this video game, and if you’re a lover of the streets, this video game has it all. 

Red Dead Redemption

When it comes to top video games that feature blackjack and poker gambling, we can expect quite a few titles in the Texas Holdem range. And one game that has topped many charts in Red Dead Redemption. 

With Red Dead Redemption, this sequel was released in 2010. The video game is based on a journey into the gunfights and battles associated with the American frontier. Enjoy the thrill of chasing the bad guys to overcome one challenge after the next and have some fun with the poker game, which offers a life-like experience. 

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is another video game that offers a blackjack side quest. In addition to their options in casino games that players can enjoy, the graphics add to making the experience unforgettable as you have your chance at combat. 

Resident Evil 4

With Resident Evil 4, players get the chance to join Leon Kennedy’s top-secret mission as a US agent investigating the kidnapping of the President’s daughter. We can look forward to taking a tour with Leon as he explores Europe and its deep dark streets of horror. From time to time, we can also enjoy living on the wild side by being part of the blackjack mini-games. 

Always Sometimes Monsters

If you’d like a touch of romance in your video gaming, Always Sometimes Monsters is the game for you. It’s all about love and relentless pursuits in this role-playing video game. Here, we are caught up in a dramatic storyline surrounded by love and marriage as lovers jump to the end of the earth to win back the love of their lives. 

Blackjack plays a significant role in this gameplay with Vegas weddings and casino challenges. 

In Conclusion

Having a complete gaming experience through living on the wild side can’t be better than through your favourite video game.