Netflix tops the list of best things ever to come out of America


Netflix, Disney and Coca Cola have been named the best things to ever come out of America – with Donald Trump comfortably topping the poll as the worst.

A survey of 2,000 Brits found the pandemic-saving streaming service was the favoured export for a cool 38 per cent, putting it top of the pile. McDonalds came fourth, ahead of iPhone maker Apple, Colonel Sanders’ KFC and former president Barack Obama.

Hollywood movies came eighth on the list, with Elvis Presley and NASA rounding out the top 10 best things to originate in the US.

But some things Brits wish had stayed on the other side of the pond were their confusing political system, calling football ‘soccer’ – and Kanye West. Other US flops included their ‘obsession’ with guns, pumpkin pie – and the Kardashians.

New York is the American city Brits would most like to live in, with 26 per cent selecting the Big Apple – leaving sunny LA in second place with 20 per cent. And despite loving the land of the free, 35 per cent of Brits admitted they’ve confused a Canadian with someone from America.

The swinging and revolutionary decade of the 1960s was deemed the decade most Brits would have most liked to have live through in the USA. And while Donald Trump was one of the things UK residents like least about the USA, former President Barack Obama was voted the best of recent times, in the research carried out via OnePoll.

A spokesperson from, which commissioned the research to highlight its US Jackpot giants duo, PowerBall and MegaMillions, said: “There is definitely great affection for the exports of the USA in this country, and it is true that no other country does it bigger or better.

“Much of it will come from the TV shows and movies we grew up with, which paints a picture of American life as being somehow more exciting or glamorous than the UK.

“Many of the things Brits love and use on a daily basis, including Netflix, Facebook or Levi’s jeans come from the states, so we wanted to celebrate them and introduce the UK to its lotteries which, like most things from the US, are much bigger than we’re used to.”


1. Netflix
2. Disney
3. Coca Cola
4. McDonald’s
5. Apple
6. KFC
7. Barack Obama
8. Hollywood movies
9. Elvis Presley
10. NASA
11. Levi’s
12. Tom Hanks
13. Ben and Jerry’s
14. Stephen Spielberg
15. Martin Luther King
16. Star Wars
18. Nike
19. Facebook
20. Stephen King
21. The Simpsons
22. Marvel and DC comics
23. Michelle Obama
24. Hamburgers
25. Ford
26. Hot dogs
27. Johnny Cash
28. Indiana Jones
29. Will Smith
30. Their wildlife – eagles, bears etc.
31. Harley Davidson
32. Starbucks
33. Bruce Springsteen
34. Back to the Future
35. M&Ms
36. Michael Jackson
37. Rosa Parks
38. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
39. Julia Roberts
40. Western movies
41. Fender guitars
42. Leonardo DiCaprio
43. George Clooney
44. Oreos
45. Deadpool
46. Gibson guitars
47. Brad Pitt
48. Breaking Bad
49. MTV
50. Jaws
51. Ralph Lauren
52. Taylor Swift
53. Friendly store staff telling you to ‘have a nice day’
54. The Sopranos
55. Hershey’s
56. Michael Jordan
57. The Superbowl
58. Muscle cars
59. NFL
60. Will Ferrell


1. Donald Trump
2. Obsession with guns
3. The Kardashians
4. Racial inequality
5. Their politics in general
6. Their confusing political system
7. Kanye West
8. Calling football ‘soccer’
9. They deep fry everything
10. Children can drive – at 15 in some places
11. Facebook
12. Rudy Giuliani
13. Jerry Springer
14. The NRA
15. Pumpkin pie
16. Their legal drinking age
17. American cheese
18. They wear Crocs
19. You’re not allowed to drink outside
20. The accent

Chris Price