Major Comeback Alert: Watch out for These Sneaker Trends of 2019

If you haven’t noticed already, sneakers are having their major comeback. What are the sneaker trends making waves in 2019? Here are some to look out for.

Style is a wacky cycle. In with the old and out with the new – that’s how the old adage goes, right?

Like a lot of trends, fashion (from head-to-toe) runs on a clock. It runs on the “Cycle of Nostalgia,” which turns back the hands of time by thirty years. It’s got us colliding with the ’90s!

Fortunately, the boomboxes and heavy necklaces didn’t escape the past. But yesteryear’s sneakers are running around our minds, today.

Here are some of today’s sneaker trends, borrowed from last century, that’ll keep you looking fly. That word’s back in, too, we’re pretty sure of it.

Kicks with Chunk

These will get you feeling like a lost Dad from the mid-90s.

It’s funny to think about. Our Pops are some of the most forward-trending dudes on the block. They were wearing fat-soled tennis shoes because they knew they’d eventually be cool.

Well, they were right about this. Like a lot of things that we don’t want to admit.

Even big-wig names are chasing after the clunky trend, like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and luxury sneakers from Givenchy.

For those without keys to a ‘rari and a six-bedroom-home, check out Yeezy’s line-up. They’ll save you a few bucks. Maybe you can put them toward a pair of shin-high white, dad socks.

Just don’t wear these to mow the lawn in.

Neon Blasting Sneaker Trends

Shield your eyes. Neon’s back. But this time, the color’s melted off from those ’90s jackets and pants that swoosh-when-you-walk down to your feet.

If you’re on your midnight jog, you’ll be thankful for this comeback kid. Just about all sporty fashion-sneakers are going to be laced with lime-green or highlighter yellow and orange.

Heck, wear ’em with a pair of denim jeans and a t-shirt with a letterman’s jacket.

White is Tight (Don’t Use This Word)

Kickin’ it in my Air Force Ones with Nelly.

White sneakers are in. And they’re in for the foreseeable future.

Whether it’s a pair of FILA Disruptors, Air Force Ones, or Converses, your feet can’t go wrong. Jerry Seinfeld had it right all along. He must be a Dad.

Now is the time to wear just about any outfit with your white sneaks. They’re going to look fresh, but don’t step in any mud puddles on your way out the door.

’90s Jordans

The entire decade was a slam-dunk for these soley legends. Each iteration, each year, was a success. Gobs of people formed queues as far-reaching as Shaq’s free throws to get their hands on them.

They’ve now made their lap around time’s basketball court. They’re back. Every inspiring baller needs a pair of Jordans.

Kickin’ It

The era of the ’90s has returned to us. Welcoming of it or not, it’s now a staple of today’s un-ironic fashion world. These are the sneaker trends that have made a run back.

Chunky tennis shoes à la Dad. But don’t use them on the court or on the lawn, wear them with style.

Shoes you can see from space. The swirling wonders of neon color are gracing our presence yet again.

White shoes are hot. They likely won’t ever fall completely out of fashion, but Chucks and Air Force Ones certainly made their way back into style.

’90s Jordans are peak sneakers. It’s when the Space Jam star was America’s sweetheart. You’re home again, Mike.

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