Two thirds of Brits embarrassed by websites they visit

A survey of 1,123 UK adults carried out by gadgets and technology e-tailer,, found that 62% of Brits would be embarrassed if people knew about the last website or app they visited.

The research revealed the websites which Brits are most embarrassed about visiting, with pornography sites not surprisingly topping the list (56%). In second place were online gambling sites (51%), closely followed by their Google Search history (47%).

Finishing the top five were medical diagnoses sites (36%) and dating websites (34%).

When quizzed on their online guilty pleasures, 33% said that sex toy or lingerie sites were the most embarrassing sites they visited, while almost the same number (31%) said sugar daddy websites.

Furthermore, 27% said they’d be embarrassed if people knew they’d visited debt recovery sites and 22% are embarrassed about viewing sexual health advice sites.

Completing the top ten was addiction recovery sites, with 19% saying they’d be embarrassed if people knew they’d visited these kind of sites.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at said:

“It’s really interesting to see the UK’s top ten taboo websites, and just how many Brits would be embarrassed if their search and viewing habits were known. I was surprised to see that dating websites are more of a taboo to Brits than sex toy or lingerie sites.

“In the digital age we live in, it’s perhaps unsurprising that people are turning to the internet for their guilty pleasures.”

Brits’ top ten taboo websites:

  1. Pornography (56%)
  2. Online gambling (51%)
  3. Google search history (47%)
  4. Medical diagnosis sites (36%)
  5. Dating websites (34%)
  6. Sex toy/lingerie (33%)
  7. Sugar daddy sites (31%)
  8. Debt recovery (27%)
  9. Sexual health sites (22%)
  10. Addiction recovery sites (19%)

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Chris Price