How Vape Pods Might Help You Kick Your Smoking Habit

Cigarette smoking is a significant cause of morbidity world over. The reason for this is that cigarette smoke contains various substances that are harmful to your health.

Many people recognize this fact and desire to quit the habit but find it difficult since it is very addictive. Nicotine is the addictive ingredient and finding an equivalent substance devoid of other carcinogenic substances can help you to maintain health while pondering quitting.

Old habits die hard, and addiction is one thing that follows that rule. Quitting smoking won’t happen overnight. We need to use various approaches to get the desired goals. Medications such as bupropion have not been entirely effective in achieving abstinence thus the need for more studies to reach a solution.

One intervention that seems to be changing the narrative is Vaping. Several studies conducted by different institutions have depicted positive results. Vape sometimes referred to as e-cigarette is finding use in replacing the harmful cigarette and helping people quit.

It contains nicotine for maintenance hence no withdrawal effects

Nicotine is highly addictive, and the quitting process should be gradual to avoid severe withdrawal effects. Withdrawal effects can prompt relapse as some significantly impair life. Vape smoke contains nicotine with a longer duration of action that will help you avoid the adverse effects when you decide to stop abruptly.

Studies have shown that vape pods are effective in achieving abstinence even in those who never intended to stop. Besides, it doesn’t contain the harmful components found in cigarette smoke such as carbon monoxide and cyanides. You will be patient enough to run the full cause of therapy without the worries of continued harm to your organs.

Vape pods are more enjoyable than cigarettes

Many patients who are given pharmacological treatment will register low success rates without proper support therapy. Even though many cigarette smokers are aware of the dangers of the habit, smoking cessation is not a walk in the park. It is a real struggle that needs proper guidance and support.  You can’t suddenly ask someone to stop a habit that thrills them.

The best approach to such cases is by providing a better deal on the table. When you do this, it won’t be a struggle or compulsion anymore. Instead they will choose to stop by conviction. Persons using vape pods are likely to report better feelings compared to counterparts smoking tobacco. The respiratory function is enhanced and they have better taste and smell. You are going to get the same CNS stimulation effects with the pods and equally enjoy the process. After trying vape, even hardened smokers will enjoy the experience and think of letting go the tobacco.

Smoke-free at last

Although long-term abstinence may not be your goal at the start, you might find yourself going the healthy way after some time of using vape pods. The vape pods are said to reduce nicotine addiction as replacement therapy. Scientific research is yet to justify this. However, many trials are promising. It may take years, but then it is a sure safer way to quitting.