Beautiful Paving Ideas for your Home

gardenpath.jpegA garden pathway is something you must have because it improves the landscape and enhances décor. You could also embrace different landscape design ideas for practical reasons.

Initially, people installed pathways as a means to traverse the garden without putting dirt on their shoes, but it has become a necessary part of landscape design that you could be used as a way to improve the look of your compound.

There are different designs for garden pathways that you could embrace that will bring out both functionality and aesthetics. Here are some ideas worth considering.

Use bricks

One interesting and charming idea you could embrace that will help you create perfect pavements is to install bricks to create the pathways. You can arrange the bricks in a herringbone pattern or many other ways that help to create a patterned design that is textured.

On top of this, you could ensure the bricks feature two or more colors combined to form a trim or create emphasis to the shape of the paving.

Don’t forget pathway lighting

Many people focus a lot on having beautiful flowers and the design of the pavement and forget about lighting. With good lighting, your pavements will be useful and beautiful, during the day and at night.

You can choose different colors, but make sure you focus on warm palettes as you don’t want to create pathways that are too illuminated that the effect of plants is drowned. You can learn more on to understand how you can place pathway lighting for the best results. This is a company that works on creating pathways and other home decorations.

Arrange stones into steps

If your garden is sloping, this gives you an opportunity to create a beautiful pathway with stones arranged into steps. This means you will have to use big plates of stone and ensure you have vegetation on both sides that will help to emphasize the style.

You could use this with both symmetrical and asymmetrical parts as long as the arrangement does not shift focus from the surrounding decorations. Use it to complement décor around the garden.

Replicate the ambience you want

While choosing the style of the pathway, you should pick materials and colors that help to bring out the ambience you intend to replicate. For example, if you would want to enhance the look of the space to appear zen and relaxing, go for small pebbles and clean lines.

You can also add some Asian flair to the composition. However, if your intention is to have a rustic authentic look, you should go for irregular details, natural materials and organic shapes.

Be symmetrical

This design strategy usually works well with traditional architecture designs. It means coming up with a pattern that is made of parts that are of equal size. It is what you would go for if you want something simple yet elegant.

Use identical parts arranged in a sequential manner to achieve this effect. This could be in the arrangement of paving bricks or even creating patterns using paving grass.

Fluidity of lines

You can create a charming effect by using fluid lines that flow into a pattern. This includes drawing shapes like circles and other types that are not straight.

Such shapes are calming and, if used well, could lead to the creation of interesting pathways that could emphasize the beauty of the environment. You can do this with vegetation and also other paving material like bricks and tiles.

Use color shades for a more cohesive look

Different shades of color can be used to bring out an effect. For a cohesive décor effect, you can choose accent colors like light orange. This is a color that can easily blend with other colors around the garden to form a smooth pattern.

If you want a calm appearance of your garden while ensuring the colors around the pathways contribute to it, consider this idea.

A checkerboard pattern

Many people have used a checkerboard pattern with success and it seems it’s something you could try that will create a beautiful pathway. Make the patches using grass and bricks to achieve a fairy-tale-inspired look.

Ensuring your home looks good could increase its value and also give you more satisfaction. There are few things you need to consider that that will enhance the look and feel of your pathways.

Just get creative and be prepared to experiment with different details to bring out the effect you want to achieve. The ideas shared above are a perfect place to start.