Control your family’s internet access with plug in haandle device

Looking to control your family’s access to the internet? With today’s kids having more access to the web than ever before (with an incredible 8.3 connected devices now being found in the average home) there are several dangers for them online including obsessive usage, cyber bullying and access to explicit content. 

Enter a new device for the home. Called haandle it’s a small white box that plugs directly into the home router to manage internet access to all devices connected to the network including mobile phones, tablets and games consoles.

It can also block access to mobile data and external WiFi networks, as well as the home WiFi, meaning it doesn’t simply stop working as soon as your child leaves the home.

The new content filtering option allows parents to restrict access to certain categories of website or specific website addresses such as Facebook.

Not only does haandle give parents a way of protecting their child from potential danger, it also reconnects the family, claims the manufacturer, meaning less time is spent glued to screens and more time spent taking part in activities together

It was created and founded by Paul Hague, an experienced technology professional and father of three, who knows first-hand how excessive internet usage can affect children and family life. He says: 

“The internet is a great resource that has many benefits for young people, but it is important for parents to regain control so their child’s life is no longer dictated by a screen. I found myself in the same position as many parents with a child who was spending more time on the internet and less time engaging with the family and activities they once loved.

Finding nothing to help, I thought it was time to put my experience to use and create something to do just that – haandle was born.”

Compatible with all Android devices with iOS compatibility coming soon, it is available from Amazon here for around £89. 

Chris Price