Sleep gadgets: Terraillon Homni now available for £199

It’s Sleep Awareness Week so what better time to profile a new sleep gadget from French company Terraillon which has been designed to help improve you rest.  

Called the Homni, it has been developed with the help of the European Sleep Centre and uses adapted light and sound programs to help you to fall asleep and wake up naturally.

It’s combined with the Wellness Coach, a sleep app that uses the data from the various Homni sensors and the Dot sleep sensor (supplied) to provide you with a complete dashboard presentation of your sleep data.

This dashboard includes data relating to your bedroom environment (temperature, humidity, noise level and luminosity) and sleep analysis data from the Dot sensor (durations, sleep cycles and scores, as well as your body movement).

Using the integrated Bluetooth speakers you can create your own sleeping environment by playing your favourite music or music included in Homni’s memory. You can also select the lighting environment of your bedroom from a choice of 16 million colours. 

The Homni also won two awards recently, the Good Design Awards 2017 in the Electronics Category and the iF Design Award 2018 in the product category.  Available now, the Homni and its Dot Sensor cost approximately £199 (RRP).

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Chris Price