3 Ways to enhance your fitness routine


Getting in shape is not only about hitting the gym and sweating it out. It’s also about feeling good about yourself. There is no doubt that exercise is good for you but there are just times that you can’t commit enough time to your fitness routine. When this happens, some people tend to become sluggish and lose their motivation.

If you belong to this group, here are three ways that you can enhance your fitness routine.

1. Add a little mix.

Doing the same set of exercises over and over again may seem mundane. But hey, this gets you results right? While this may be true, lack of motivation can lead to not doing any exercises at all. To make it exciting, you can change your routine a little bit. If there are certain exercises that you like doing, save them for last. Do the exercise that you least like first and then after completing it, reward yourself with the exercise that you like best. You can also do different types of workouts instead or switch to a different machine. Instead of using the treadmill for cardio exercises, use the stair mill and add a little variation to your routine.

2. Track your results and reward yourself

Tracking your results by means of a fitness app or a notebook will help you see your progress over the weeks. Sure, it may look like nothing has changed at all but as long as you’re faithful to doing your routine then you’ll start seeing and feeling changes. Your weight, running time, and the calories you burn are some of the things that you can track. Beat your record every week or set a goal each week or month and once you’ve achieved that goal or achieved a new record, reward yourself. Go out with your friends, buy yourself a new pair of shoes or update your fitness playlist. Make sure though that the reward doesn’t add more calories for you to burn.

3. Take fitness supplements.

Fitness supplements help you get the nutrients that you need. At the same time, they also help boost your performance. They give you the energy that you need in doing your workouts and help in improving joint flexibility and muscle recovery. Plus they are loaded with vitamins that are good for you. Fitness supplements don’t work overnight. For it to be effective, it has to be taken along with a healthy diet as well as regular workouts. Find relevant reviews in supplementyouneed.com to know what supplements will work best for you and to help you reach your fitness goals.

Whether you pay for gym membership or have your own home gym doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you have a fitness goal and that you’re doing something to achieve it. There might be setbacks as you do your fitness routine but don’t sweat it out. Just pick yourself back up again and bring along your sneakers, gym clothes, your music playlist, and try the methods we described above. You’ll be glad that you did.


Chris Price