Samsung’s new website pokes fun at Galaxy S6 rumours

Unlike some tech companies, Samsung seems to revel in the glow of the rumour mill and cant seem to stop teasing us about what it has planned for the Galaxy S6. First the camera, then wireless charging, and now its gone and created an entire website dedicated to poking fun at some of the other rumours floating around the web.

Called ‘Is This Next’, the website takes some of the less-outlandish rumours and makes them look completely ridiculous. For instance, there has been a rumour that the Galaxy S6 will have front facing speakers. That’s not too much of a stretch, and competitors like HTC have included front-facing speakers for quite some time now. Samsung has, instead, imagined that rumour as a bizarre looking oval-shaped phone with fold out speakers.

The other rumours mentioned are that the S6 will be a durable phone (above), that it’ll reach three sides, and that the screen will be larger. Each time Samsung takes a fairly logical rumour and makes it completely absurd.

The clever thing is that, while Samsung is acknowledging these rumours, it isn’t actually commenting on them. It may seem like Samsung is readily dismissing these rumours by mocking them, but they are fairly likely. It certainly wouldn’t highlight rumours that the phone is more durable if it knew that the S6 was actually quite fragile.

The final screen doesn’t highlight a rumour at all, instead its counting down to the Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for this Sunday at MWC. That’s where we’re going to find out whether or not all those rumours are true, though hopefully without as much silliness.

Tom Pritchard