Our top 3 budget smart watches for under £120: Cogito Pop, Withings, Pebble


The biggest tech brands on the planet may all be competing to design the best smartwatch, the smartwatch to rule them all. But with the new Apple Watch rumoured to set us back well over £220, I’ve collected together five of my favourite smart watches with much more wallet-friendly price tags.

Granted many are not nearly as advanced as devices already released from the likes of Motorola or ASUS, in fact they’re more like ‘moderately bright’ watches rather than outright ‘smart’, but if you want a device with specific features rather than one that’s all-singing, all-dancing you might be in luck.

So whether you’re interested in always-on notifications, fitness tracking or a smart watch that looks more like a way cooler, regular old-school watch I’ve found an alternative for you that’ll be half the price of the competition.

Becca Caddy