6 gifts to buy yourself this Valentine’s Day #LoveWeek

Whether or not you have a Special Someone (blergh) this Valentine’s Day, you deserve something beautiful from a person who loves you: you. You work hard, right? You’re a good person, no? Exactly. These little treasures are a thousand times better than a wilted bunch of obligation carnations, and they won’t expect you to cook dinner, either.


New shoes


Nothing, nothing beats the pure pleasure of carefully removing the shoebox lid and unfurling the rustly tissue paper to retrieve a pair of untouched, flawless, brand new shoes that you chose yourself. For extra enjoyment, buy them online so they arrive unexpectedly, when you’d forgotten you even ordered them. Bliss.

Miss KG Gabriella heels, £90 at Debenhams

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A big, sparkly ring


Why should the engaged folks be the only ones to wear glittery tokens of love? Show yourself how you feel by putting a ring on it.

(Note: don’t get one that looks too much like an engagement ring. I did, and now I constantly have to field “so when’s the wedding?” comments, even though it’s on the wrong finger and wrong hand. Jeez.)

Brief Ring, £74 from Swarovski

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A tub of your very favourite ice cream



Tucking in to a full, smooth, brand new tub of ice cream in your favourite flavour (no bowls allowed) is a sensation that’s best enjoyed alone. Preferably in your pyjamas, on the sofa, with some extremely trashy television. Ahhh.

Häagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream, £4.50 from Ocado

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Something warm to cuddle


For those chilly nights when you need someone to snuggle with. This little fella heats up, so he’ll keep you toasty warm without ever snoring, sleep-trumping or putting his cold toes on your legs. Though he does constantly have the horn.

Heated Huggable Unicorn, £19.99 from Firebox

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That coffee-table book you’ve been lusting after


Leafing through the glossy pages of a big, beautiful coffee table book is such a joy. Everyone has one they’ve got their eye on – this is the perfect time to spring for it.

Pantone on Fashion, £21.99, Urban Outfitters
Braiding Handbook, £11.99, Urban Outfitters
Deco Cakes, £10.80, Amazon

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A photo wall of your favourite faces



(Picture via Polagram on Facebook)

Instagram’s got nothing on real, physical photos you can hang on your wall. Keep a constant reminder of all the brilliant, funny, irreplaceable people in your life – and all your favourite moments – with a box of Polaroid-style prints from Polagram. You can upload photos straight from your phone with their iOS and Android apps: the only tricky bit is choosing the best ones. Because Valentine or no Valentine, your life is pretty incredible, and you’ve got the pictures to prove it.


Main image via Flickr Creative Commons

Holly Brockwell