CES 2015: Toshiba’s virtual dressing room lets you try on as many clothes as you want

Mirrors are an important tool for making sure you look the way you want before you leave the house. That said, they are rather low-tech, so what would happen if you managed to spruce up a mirror with some innovative technology?

That’s what Toshiba appears to be doing with the virtual dressing room. It’s designed for people to see what they’d look like wearing different items of clothing, without all the hassle of having to actually put them on. It’s all gesture controlled, so it’s not that complicated to use, either.

Obviously the most high-tech mirror in the world isn’t going to be able to replicate how clothes feel when you actually wear them, but at least if you can see how they look then you can pick out a few things more easily.

We don’t have any word on availability just yet, but chances are you won’t be seeing these in your home for quite some time. Retailers should definitely look into getting their hands on these, however.

Video courtesy of Coldwellbanker

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Tom Pritchard