CES 2015: StoreDot’s new phone battery can be charged in two minutes or less

It sounds like something from science fiction, but having a smartphone that charges in less time than it takes to brush your teeth could be a reality in the next few years. While some companies are focusing on extending battery life, StoreDot is happy to make a battery that will only last about five hours – on the basis that waiting a couple of minutes for a charge is a fair trade-off.

The battery’s also more environmentally friendly than lithium-ion, being made from nanodots (tiny magnetic spheres that mimic the way atoms interact), meaning StoreDot can fit a decent amount of power into a smaller, more efficient battery – and repower it quickly.

The company’s showing off their latest prototype at CES this week, and say that their final version will be even faster. The downside is that it’s more costly to produce, so could make phones at least £30 more expensive. Leading brands will also need to be willing to make small changes to their devices so it’ll fit. StoreDot’s hopeful, though – they’ve lined up talks with some possible partners and expect to see their batteries in phones and on shelves in the next couple of years.

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Diane Shipley