CES 2015: keep kids entertained with Skechers’ Game Kicks shoes

When we saw someone at CES quite literally playing with a shoe, we couldn’t resist having a go. Skechers Game Kicks are trainers for kids with a game of Simon built in – in other words, you have to repeat the pattern until you win. Brilliantly, our demo was extremely repetitive, but Skechers assured us that that’s what happens when you have so many possible combinations:

The sound can be muted, and the built-in non-rechargeable battery lasts about six months, which Skechers says is about the lifespan of a pair of kids’ shoes before they’re outgrown.


We think Game Kicks are a bit of an old school way to amuse the little ones (haven’t they all got iPhones these days?) but since we’re still nostalgic for the days of getting a key in the sole of your shoe, we’re on board. Skechers Game Kicks will be released in the UK in February for about £45.

Holly Brockwell