Our 10 best pieces from the Boohoo Fit range #HealthandFitnessWeek

Earlier today, we showed you our favourite pieces from Missguided’s amazing Active range, and where Missguided leads, Boohoo usually follows, and the competing online fashion store has unveiled its Fit range.

Unfortunately for Boohoo, Missguided’s range tops it by miles, as it looks a hell of a lot more expensive. Plus, Boohoo’s range has dresses and jumpsuits, for all those times you’ve felt like a dress would be appropriate attire for exercise.

Boohoo’s Fit range isn’t all bad though! It’s got tons of bright leggings and cool jackets and jumpers that we’d love to wear down the gym, and wouldn’t mind being seen out in either. Here are our 10 favourite pieces from the collection…

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1) Serena Snakeskin Print Sports Leggings

Stand out at the gym with these bright blue snakeskin leggings. Fun leggings are the way forward!

You can buy these leggings from Boohoo for £14.

Hayley Minn

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