Wireless charging for tablets will arrive next year

Wireless charging for phones is currently in its infancy, and has yet to be widely adopted. Now it’s apparent that we’re one step closer to charging all of our gadgets and electronics wirelessly, because its been revealed that tablet compatible wireless charging is coming next year.

According to VentureBeat, Freescale has announced a new wireless charger that’s set to hit the market sometime early next year. The 15 watt system is three times as powerful as Freescale’s current wireless phone chargers, meaning it’s actually powerful enough to charge tablets, along with portable medical devices, and other larger gadgets.

Intel has promised that at some point in the future wireless charging will come to laptops, but 15 watts isn’t nearly powerful enough to make that a reality (that’s certainly one extra advantage for choosing a tablet then). The added bonus is that the new chargers will not be incompatible with smartphones, and will actually charge them a lot more quickly than what’s currently available.

It’s all progress, and while it’s all incredibly useful kit I’m still waiting for tech that will let us power gadgets without the need for any wires of conductive mats. It’s a long way off, but I can dream.

Tom Pritchard