A report indicates Apple is in talks with UK banks regarding Apple Pay

We all know that Apple Pay is going to be making its way over to the UK sometime in the near future, but when that will be is unclear. We know that Apple is hiring staff to help launch the service in Europe, and now a report claims that the company is in discussions with UK banks to ensure Apple Pay support.

According to The Telegraph the plan is for Apple to launch the service in the UK in the first half of 2015, and the talks with banks are there to ensure that goes ahead smoothly.

But apparently the banks aren’t bending over backwards to get into Apple’s good books, since the report also claims that banks are sceptical about the security of users’ personal information. That said, The Telegraph is also saying that banks have acknowledged the impact Apple Pay has had on mobile payments in the US (apparently it accounts for 1% of all digital payments).

Whether we will see Apple Pay before the first half of 2015 is up has yet to be seen, but it certainly makes sense that Apple would be actively discussing with the major banks. Without them on board Apple Pay certainly won’t be as successful as it was in the US .

Tom Pritchard

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