The Lumia 435 is another entry-level phone from Microsoft

It’s no secret that Microsoft is mainly focussing on the lower-spec end of the smartphone market with the Lumia brand, but it appears that the current offerings aren’t quite good enough. Apparently Microsoft wants to release devices even lower on the hardware spectrum than the current 5XX series, and the Lumia 435 seems to be the first in-house handset to do just that.

According to Nokia Power User, the Lumia 435 will come with a 4-inch 800×480 display, a Snapdragon 200 processor, and a 5MP rear camera. There’s no word on any other specs, especially whether or not there will be a front-facing camera, but the phone will apparently come with a dual-SIM variant.

It isn’t exactly a phone to get excited about, but it is expected to fill the gap in Microsoft’s current product line-up and provide the Windows Phone experience on a budget. How it’s going to stand out from the £50 Lumia 520 is unclear, but NPU claims that the phone will ‘redefine entry level’.

There’s no word of an official reveal yet, so we don’t know when this phone will be coming. Windows 10 is still a good 6+ months away, so so wouldn’t expect it to be available on the 435 at launch. We’ll keep you updated if we hear more.

Tom Pritchard