Transport for London will introduce driverless Tube trains from 2020

The tube is always a nightmare in certain places, especially if you’re travelling at rush hour. To try and combat the congestion, and to deal with the problem of London’s growing population, TfL has revealed the new driverless tube trains that will start going into service from 2020.

250 of the new trains will go into service on the Bakerloo, Central, Piccadilly and Waterloo & City lines to handle congestion better and make the tube more modernised by including air conditioning, walk-through carriages, and video screens to display information and adverts.

TfL is also upgrading the signalling system to help the trains run more efficiently, and has stated that the new systems will allow a 60% increase in the number of passengers the Picadilly Line can handles, 50% extra on the Waterloo and City line, and an extra 25% on Bakerloo and Central. The platforms will also feature the protective doors that have already been put into service on the central stations on the Jubilee line.

TfL has said that the trains will be completely capable of automatic operation, but will have operators on board to begin with. TfL bosses have said that they would not implement completely driverless trains without first consulting its shareholders and union representatives. That’s a good thing to, because union bosses almost immediately condemned the new driverless trains as “lethal”

Tom Pritchard

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  • Presumably will be made in the UK?? Obviousy the unions don’t want anyone to lose their £50,000 a year job.

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