No need for an ATM with new app – get cash delivered

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get cash (easier than walking to the nearest ATM, that is), then Nimbl could hold the answer.

As PSFK reports, Nimbl aims to deliver cash into the hands of its customers fast, to any location, at any time. It has been developed by San Francisco- and New York-based start-up GreenOps, and is currently only available in these cities, with plans to expand.

The website explains: ‘Whenever and wherever you need cash, use the Nimbl app to request a delivery to your desired location.’

Users can take advantage of the new app by selecting the amount of cash they would like and then either entering their location or selecting the ‘find me’ function. From then, Nimbl responds with an estimated time of arrival and the ‘runner’ – who delivers the cash – withdraws the desired amount from the company account.

When the runner arrives, the customer simply pays via Venmo and is handed the cash. The first few times it’s free, and after that there’s a flat transaction fee of $5.

One user reflected in a TechCrunch article, calling Nimbl ‘the Uber for cash’.

The company comments on the safety of its service: ‘All of our Nimbl runners have gone through an extensive background check and training program. Furthermore, we do not hold on to your cash in advance – all transactions occur at the point of delivery.’

Well that’s reassuring, at least – it’s good to know runners won’t be travelling around with customers’ cash on their persons. Whether Nimbl will catch on remains to be seen, but if it becomes a 24/7 operation, it could certainly be useful for late-night emergencies in unknown areas!



Main image: Images Money at Flickrcc

Sadie Hale