There’ll be 100 million smartwatches in use by 2019, apparently

A new report brings good news for Apple, Google, Sony, Pebble, and any other companies hoping that smartwatches will be a lucrative new revenue stream.

Apparently, 100 million of us around the world will be sporting a smartwatch by 2019. We shouldn’t expect to snap up a bargain in that time, though: apparently prices aren’t likely to go much below $200 (around £125) until at least 2020. And it won’t just be a tech brand business: we can also expect fashion designers and luxury watch specialists like TAG Heuer to get in on the action.

The report, which was released by Juniper Research and is catchily-named ‘Smart Watches: Market Dynamics, Vendor Strategies & Scenario Forecasts 2014-2019’ suggests that brands will differentiate themselves not so much in terms of hardware, but features like GPS and NFC (near field communication, which powers Apple Pay and will be a feature on the Apple Watch). Customers will choose their fave based on what works best for their lives, rather than a single app making a particular operating system popular.

But it also says that watches with a single function like the Martian Notifier will become less popular as the big-name devices offer us an increasingly sophisticated array of options. No word yet on how this might affect the pocket watch market.

Image via Apple.

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Diane Shipley