An Office 365 subscription now comes with unlimited OneDrive storage

Cloud storage is a great innovation, but if you’re planning on using it to store a lot of data then you can’t make do with the free allowance you get allocated. Those of you in this situation are in luck, because Office 365 subscribers now get unlimited OneDrive storage at no extra cost.

So how much is this going to cost you? Not that much as it turns out, a Personal Office 365 subscription is £6 a month, and a Home subscription is £8. For comparison £6 will get you 1TB of OneDrive storage on its own, the same price as Google Drive.

The change isn’t immediate, and will start rolling out over the coming months. That being said you can sign up to try and get preferential treatment when the new offer goes live.

For the time being we’re unsure whether unlimited actually means unlimited, and whether there will be an upper limit somewhere in the terms and conditions. There likely will be, and it probably won’t take people long to figure out what it is.


Tom Pritchard

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