Mous iPhone case retracts, holds and unrolls Apple headphones

From guarding our homes to reading our blood pressure, it seems we can use the iPhone for anything and everything these days – including, of course, its original function of playing music.

But one of the nuisances of using this now staple fusion of phone and iPod is the headphones – inevitably, they can end up tangled somewhere in a bag, or being stretched or damaged. The all-new Mous Musicase aims to change that.

As the world’s first mobile accessory to retract, hold and unroll Apple headphones, Mous is being launched on Kickstarter at the end of October by two young British entrepreneurs, James Griffith and Josh Shires, who have backgrounds in design and marketing. Headphones can be rolled up and neatly stored on the back of the compact case, enabling users to unwind them in a fuss-free way whenever needed.

As Josh explains in this video, ‘Three years ago, when I was at university, I got fed up of losing my headphones. So I decided to put my skills to use and create a solution.’

Mous Musicase works in combination with Apple headphones only, known as EarPods, which come with every new iPhone.

James adds: ‘We’ve created something which is quite bold and quite quirky, but at the same time it’s minimalistic – it complements the Apple design.’

The case will be available to buy for £11 and is currently only compatible with the iPhone 5, but iPhone 6 models will be launched soon.

Sadie Hale