iBroke it: Apparently nearly half of iPhone 6 owners have damaged their device

The iPhone 6 has been out for just over a month now, and in that time research by Voucher Cloud claims that 42 per cent of British people who have bought the device have already damaged it in some way. The research also claims that 37 per cent of buyers actually regretted their purchase.

Of that 42 per cent, 54 per cent claimed to have cracked their screen, 48 per cent have had issues with a bent handset, 41 per cent have suffered from water damage, 29 per cent have managed to damage the buttons in some way, and 18 per cent have had software issues.

Of the 37 per cent who claim to have regretted their choice of phone, 39 per cent wished they’d bought a Galaxy S5, 27 per cent wished they’d bought an HTC One M8,18 per cent wished they’d bought an LG G3, 16 per cent wished they bought a Nexus 5, galaxy Alpha, or Lumia 930, while the remaining 2 per cent claimed to have wanted a dumbphone like the Nokia 3310.

It’s not  abundantly clear what sort of sample the research had, especially since the numbers don’t seem to be very accurate. It’s surprising that only 18 per cent of people questioned had software issues given that iOS 8.0.1 virtually bricked the phone of anyone who downloaded it. Similarly 48 per cent having bending issues seems far too high, even given the massive fuss that was made on the internet.

While I’m not saying the research is totally inaccurate, it’s not something we can really rely on unless we know the sampling methods — which we don’t.

Tom Pritchard


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