A Windows 9 upgrade may cost Windows 7 users £20

Yesterday an Indonesian Microsoft executive confirmed that Windows 9 would be a free upgrade for Windows 8 users, but details on upgrade options for users of older software were mysteriously absent. Now it seems that Windows 7 users might be able to get their hands on Windows 9 for a mere £20.

This comes from Russian leaker Wzor who claims that the upgrade will cost somewhere around $30, which is slightly less than £20. With almost half the total marketshare of desktop OSs, Windows 7 is the most popular choice across the planet. With the software nearing the end of it’s life (according to Microsoft anyway) it would make sense for them to offer incentives for people to upgrade.

It’ a good thing that many people are expecting Windows 7 machines to be able to handle Windows 9 without any issues, no one is going to upgrade if it means buying a new machine.

Microsoft has a press event lined up for later today where it is expected to unveil Windows 9 to the world, what else they might announce is unknown. Let’s just hope it’s good.

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Tom Pritchard