SnapMovie: Line launches standalone app for its Vine-like video feature

Chat and messaging app Line has been experimenting with a new integrated feature called SnapMovie, which allows its users to record quick 10 second segments of video to send to their mates. Now the Line team has announced that SnapMovie is launching as a standalone app, which is set to take on other short video content apps, like Instagram, Vine and to a certain extent YouTube, too.

The SnapMovie feature will remain part of Line’s initial app offering for those who prefer a more integrated experience, but for users who like the idea of a standalone app, SnapMovie will allow them to create up to 30 seconds of video content and add all kinds of filters and effects to the finished creation. They’ll also be able to add special tiles that allow them to write on sections of their videos, bringing a Snapchat-like experience to Line-lovers.

There are many different apps on the market aimed at youngsters keen on creating short bursts of video content, so if Line is looking to genuinely compete with the big players, like Vine and Instagram, it could have it’s work cut out. On the other hand, Line is much more popular than you might think. Although you may consider it to solely be a WhatsApp or Viber clone, it’s amassed more than 500 million registered users. Of course they won’t necessarily all rush to get SnapMovie too, but given the team behind Line has also recently released a selfie app, it’s certainly building up an interesting teen-targeted app empire.

At the moment SnapMovie is only available to Android users. We’ll keep you posted about iOS availability.

Becca Caddy