The new Nexus devices could arrive in mid October

Despite plenty of rumours we’re still no closer to knowing when the new Nexus devices are actually going to be released. The general consensus is that they’ll arrive by the end of October, but we can’t be 100% sure on that just yet. A new rumour suggests that they’ll be unveiled mi-October.

According to Android Authority, information from notable blogger Paul O’Brien and information from sources ‘familiar with Google’s plans’ claims that the Nexus 9 tablet and the new Nexus Phone (rumoured to be called the Nexus X) will be announced on either the 15th or 16th October alongside the unveiling of ‘a new software initiative’ which is probably going to be the full version of Android L.

While everything is reported to be unveiled on those dates, Android L is apparently not going to arrive until 1st November. We don’t have any extra information on the Nexus release dates, but presumably it’ll be arriving at around the same time as Android L. Android authority speculates that the devices may need to be updated to the software, but considering how close the release windows are rumoured to be it would make more sense for the devices to come with Android L built-in from the word go.

Android Authority has  a lot of faith in the validity of its sources, but despite this they are warning that this is just an unverified rumour for now. As much as it might tie in with existing rumours, we should always be careful about what we read. That being said, hopefully they will turn out to be true and we don’t have very long to wait to see Google’s latest offerings.

Tom Pritchard