The best place to unbox a waterproof smartphone? Underwater, obviously

A lot of people might be wary about testing the capabilities of a waterproof smartphone, which is hardly surprising given how expensive they are. You don’t want to end up with a £400 brick because you decided to throw it into a swimming pool do you? The folks at Carphone Warehouse were less wary, instead opting to showcase an Xperia Z3’s waterproofing by unboxing it underwater.

This isn’t some trickery or visual effects either, this is literally a man opening up an Xperia Z3 for the very first time whilst being underwater. But other than the fact he has to wear scuba gear to get it all done, the unboxing is no different to any others that we’ve seen before.

While it’s a little bit gimmicky to see the phone being opened up underwater, it does show how confident Carphone Warehouse is with the phone’s waterproofing capabilities. If you were ever unsure about the validity of Sony’s waterproofing claims, you have your evidence right here that they aren’t just making things up.

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Tom Pritchard