These stylish two-in-one Olive Cooper bags are built to hold your laptop and stop your back pains

Carrying a laptop around everyday can be extremely painful on the back, and then lugging it out for drinks after work can be a bit of a pain too. Laptop bags and backpacks don’t really do much for your outfit either, when you’re dressed up but having to use the same backpack you’ve been carrying around all day.

Olive Cooper is a new handbag brand that’s making this bag issue a thing of the past, selling gorgeous totes built for holding your laptop, and still looking good. They’re actually two bags in one, with a smaller detachable bag built in to the front, so you can go from work to drinks, without any handbag hassle.

Olivia Martyn founded Olive Cooper whilst working in the city. She was struggling to manage with her work-bag filled with her laptop and other office essentials, weighing her down on nights out. For this reason, all the handbags in the range have been made to withhold the strength of a laptop and anything else feeling the need to give you a back injury.

The first collection is available now on the Olive Cooper website, ranging from £280-£390.

Hayley Minn