New wearable Elemoon matches your clothes, and finds your phone

With so many wearables constantly coming on to the market, and most of them not looking very attractive, we do get very excited when one pops up that we’d actually be happy to be seen wearing out, and the Elemoon smart bracelet is definitely one of the best-looking ones we’ve come across.

The splash-proof wearable, which looks like a bangle, does what you’d expect, connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and notifying you when you have a call or a message. However, it can also help you find your phone, if you give the bracelet a little rub, which is so handy when you don’t own a landline to call your phone. Another cool thing about the Elemoon is that it can match your outfit by change its colour via LED lights!

Journalist-turned-entrepreneur Jing Zhou created the Elemoon, and is trying to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter for the first order, as well as working with developers to add fitness tracking features, which, let’s be honest, would give this wearable a lot more of a point, as, at the moment, it just seems like a pretty light display on your wrist.

Backers can preorder their own Elemoon for $199 from Kickstarter.

Hayley Minn