Moto 360: New photos show smartwatch’s heart rate sensor and charging dock

Motorola has been releasing images and even a swoon-worthy video of its new Moto 360 smart watch over the past few months, but today tech blog Mister Gadget has published a bunch of new hands-on photos that are much more realistic and show-off some features we’ve been dying to take a closer look at.

First up, you’ll notice that the Moto 360 has its own wireless charging device. It’s essentially just a small cylindrical-shaped dock that the Moto 360 balances on. We love it because it’s just as discrete and (dare we say it…) stylish as the smartwatch itself.

The next interesting nugget we’ve learned from Mister Gadget’s huge collection of photos is that the Moto 360 is definitely going to be packing a heart rate sensor – great news for health and fitness gadget lovers! Now admittedly, we heard rumours that it’s likely to come with one, but didn’t see it confirmed in the latest product video so were beginning to doubt whether it’d be a reality.

heart-rate-sensor-1 close-up-2

The shinyshiny office is really torn as to whether smartwatches are really going to have much mainstream appeal, but we’re all agreed that if there’s one we’re desperate to get our hands on, it’s the Moto 360. We just want to know an exact release date and those all important pricing details now. Come on Motorola, spill!

All images via Mister Gadget, visit the blog for even more photos of the Moto 360, as well as some interesting comparison shots of the LG G Watch.

Becca Caddy