Vocca makes lightbulbs voice-activated

Some inventions brighten your day. The team behind Vocca hopes they can make that literal. They’ve developed an adapter that gives you the ability to turn a lightbulb on or off simply by shouting at it. (I guess you could speak softly, but I like my inanimate objects obedient, thank you very much.)

Their basic model allows you to screw in any bulb, attach that to your light fixture, and turn it on with the words ‘Go Vocca light’. It can also still be switched on and off as usual, if someone in your house is a stick-in-the-mud.

The advanced model is voice-activated as well but also comes with an integrated app and bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can set the times you want your lights to come on and go off, and use your phone as another switch if you wish (as long as you’re in range).  The inventors say each unit should last a lifetime, as you only need to replace the lightbulb inside it. It can be used in rooms without WiFi and there’s no complicated set up – just plug it in and go.

The voice activation aspect makes it easier to use than other alternatives, and it’s an easy-to-operate option for people with mobility or dexterity problems, or when you’re struggling through the door with your arms full of shopping.

If the New York-based company’s Kickstarter campaign is successful, you could get your hands on your own basic model for $41 (around £24) including shipping to the UK. So far, they only have $3,181 of their $40,000 goal, but there’s still 59 days to go.

Diane Shipley