Style Thief and FindSimilar have created ‘Shazam for clothes’

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve looked at someone walking past us with envy at how incredibly well put together their outfit is, only to find out her dress is a vintage piece from the 70s, and you’re never going to find it. Or how about swooning over Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s dress from the Met Gala only to discover that it’s a £10,000 Balmain creation that you’ll never be able to afford?

Well, you can thank the fashion gods for Style Thief, which, using the FindSimilar software, created by Cortexica, allows you to snap a photo of an outfit, search for that fashion item and similar things to it, and the buy it!

Launched by actress Kate Bosworth, Style Thief’s tag line ‘Snap & Steal’ taps into the popularity of street style, as well our addiction for taking photos on our phones and shopping online.

However, the best part is that the findSimilar software can be used to get inspiration from everywhere. Your favourite painting? That retro wallpaper? Using tech that mimics how our human eyes recognise patterns, the software finds clothes and accessories inspired by anything at all.

We’re thinking that this is definitely the future of shopping, and you can download Style Thief for free from the App Store.

Hayley Minn