Will the iPhone 6 have Touch ID?

With Apple well into manufacturing of the completely redesigned iPhone 6, we are given daily glimpses into what we are due to expect from the device, whether that be a 4.7/5.5 inch screen or a new unibody case. Today’s glimpse into the iPhone 6 inners is the new Touch ID.

As we know from the iPhone 5S Touch ID;

“Touch ID is built into the home button, which is now built of laser-cut sapphire crystal so as not to scratch (which would prevent Touch ID from working). It features a stainless steel detection ring to detect the user’s finger without pressing it”

With so many things already leaked into the world, it’s no surprise Apple has changed some things. We have a thinner design, which means obviously things will have to slim down inside or swap to a different side, etc.

These pictures clearly depict the original bracket has moved from above to below the Touch ID’S ribbon, along with a new white shielding. Now these could be an old redesign of the Touch ID, as everything we bring you is all a rumour until Apple announces what we’re actually going to see in their annual event, but it certainly appears to be real.

Craig Fox