Is the Lightbox the tiniest camera ever?

The cameras on modern smartphones are now pretty much as good, if not better, than the digital cameras we used to own, but if you’re too busy doing something really exciting, it can be a bit of a pain having to find your phone to take that incredible picture. The CA7CH Lightbox sorts this for you, being the world’s smallest live-streaming wearable camera.

The tiny camera – it’s the size of a strawberry – comes with a couple of magnets, making it easy to attach the camera to your clothes, so you’ll always be able to take instant snaps or video clips without needing to faff around finding it and taking the picture manually. The 8-megapixel camera is also waterproof, so you could take incredible pictures underwater too!

Thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the Lightbox is also capable of shooting 12-second video clips, that you can then upload them to the web as a live stream immediately.

Another great feature of the camera is that it works alongside a Viewfinder app on your smartphone, letting you see everything that the Lightbox sees on your phone, meaning you don’t have to worry about cutting your friends out of your pictures.

If you fancy a Lightbox, a pledge of $149 (£87) will get you an early deal on Kickstarter, saving you $40 (£23) over the expected retail price.

Hayley Minn

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