Want to get your banking business noticed? Get people semi-naked in central London

A massive group of people decided to get their clothes off in central London today, but, if you’re thinking the Naked Bike Ride isn’t until July, this was all in the name of TransferWise.

Along with 100 other ‘revolutionaries’, the two founders Taavet and Kristo took their naked selves down to Liverpool Street Station, the Millenium Bridge and the tube, as seen in the pictures.

Rebelling against the banks who they say ‘overcharge us on a daily basis’ and backed by Richard Branson, TransferWise lets you transfer money at a low cost, and this was the founders’ way of saying they have ‘nothing to hide’.

We’re not entirely sure whether this was the most sensible of marketing ploys, especially for a banking business (we can’t see any businessmen banking with them anytime soon), what we CAN say is that we definitely now know the name, TransferWise.

transferwise5 transferwise4 transferwise2 transferwise3

Images via TransferWise

Hayley Minn