Single and heading to Glastonbury? MySingleTent may find you a date

As the festival season kicks off with Glastonbury this weekend, has launched an innovative new service,, to help singletons hook up with other single festival-goers.

Recent research from the dating website found that nearly two thirds (63 per cent) of singles thought festivals were a good place to meet new friends and a potential suitor so the leading dating website has launched to encourage a little bit of festival romance this summer.

Members will be able to sign up to the website with details of the festivals that they are attending. Dating profiles of festival-goers will be hosted on the site, and users will be able to connect and chat with people who are attending the same festivals as they are, and they can even arrange a sunset date by the main stage ahead of the big event. Users will also be able to share images and tag their new dates (or just friends) after the festival ends.

Creator of the website, Sarah Beeney said: “Festivals are a great place to meet like-minded people as everyone is upbeat, friendly and relaxed. What better way to strike up a conversation than your shared love of Glastonbury, discussing your top bands or even regaling your festival horror stories.

“Some festivals even have wedding chapels if you really hit it off. Even if you do meet by the stone circle and romance is off the cards, you could end up with a whole new group of amazing festival friends.”

While we can see where this idea is coming from, we’re pretty sure if we meet someone at a festival, they’re not exactly going to become a life partner, if only for the fact that not showering for four or five days doesn’t generally tend to attract anyone. We’d much rather meet someone new in a bar when we’re looking our absolute best.

Hayley Minn