Lego acknowledges girls can become scientists, not just beauticians

Lego came under fire when it launched a new range “for girls” called “Friends”, which sadly (yet not at all unsurprisingly) featured pink boxes filled with scantily clad Lego females that came with accessories to allow kids to give animals beauty treatments, sing pop songs, dress up in things and very little else.

Since the popular brand was criticised so heavily by adults and kids alike (remember when this girl asked Lego for more adventures?), it launched a new Ideas project, which allows users to create and upload their own toy concepts. Other fans then vote on the concepts and if they clock up to 10,000, they’re actually created!

It looks like this system has been a HUGE success so far, as the most recent winning idea celebrates women in science. Dreamed up by geochemist Alatariel Elensar, the new set features a female palaeontologist, astronomer and chemist, and even a dinosaur skeleton.

Here’s hoping the new teeny figures inspire a new generation of female scientists…


Becca Caddy