Is Rendeevoo the new dating app you need?

Rendeevoo is the first dating app that allows you to meet with someone in a hand-picked bar around London, with a tasty cocktail in your hands. The catch? You’ll only have seen five Facebook photos and a short description of them – no pre-chatting allowed!

You pick someone you feel attracted to, select one of the handpicked bars available, pick a time and send your invitation. Upon arrival, you’ll pick up your drinks though the Rendeevoo app – all paid for in advance.

Co-founder, Jorn Vanysacker said: ‘Currently, online dating is addictive, but not as effective as it should be. Users are encouraged to keep on browsing through people, and chatting with them online, but there’s no real incentive to meet in real life.’

While we’re aware that Tinder is based entirely on looks, like this app, at least with that you can decide whether you’re compatible after chatting. With Rendeevoo, we’d be so worried that the person we were meeting was really good looking but an absolute idiot to speak to! Let’s be honest, it’s usually the good looking ones who end up being the heartbreakers…

Rendeevoo is free to download, but you have to use your debit card to pre-order the drinks.

Hayley Minn

One thought on “Is Rendeevoo the new dating app you need?

  • Cool article Hayley!
    I am really intrigue about how apps can provide new experiences to the real life.
    I would love to hear from opinions of some Rendeevoo users, I am sure there will be positive and negative ones though..

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