Apps to make shopping easier: Amazon, Clear, Ebay and Addison Lee

Here at shinyshiny we’re all about the apps, gadgets and services that’ll enrich our lives and make day-to-day tasks a little more fun. So here’s our pick of apps to make shopping less of a headache and more of a breeze, whether you like to grab vintage gems, online bargains or you’re an old-school high street kinda shopper.

For remembering what you need: Clear

Any shopping trip is wasted if you don’t end up getting home with what you needed. Instead of making a note inside a text, or just trying to use your memory to remember everything you wanted to pick up, download a really simple to-do list app instead to keep you on track.

Our favourite is Clear, it’s a to-do list app (which you can get on your Mac too) that allows you to add tasks to different categories, set notifications and swipe them away once they’re done. Everything is controlled via really intuitive gestures as well, so you won’t be fiddling around with complicated shortcuts while you’re trying to carry your bags.

For comparing the high street to the web: Amazon

If you’re shopping on the high street but want to make sure you’re getting the best deal, then make sure you’ve got the Amazon app on your phone to check prices on-the-go. It might just work out cheaper to wait for it to be delivered rather than impatiently grabbing it in store, especially if you’re getting it from a third party seller, or getting a knock-off version of something. (We’re thinking Apple-style cables and attachments that work just as well but don’t have the tech giant’s logo on the side.)

For used bargains: Ebay

If used or vintage bargains are your thing, then make sure you’ve got the Ebay app on your phone so you can keep up with bidding on that must-have item. Just like the Amazon app, it’s worth checking Ebay if you see something when you’re on the high street and want to check you can’t get hold of it cheaper elsewhere. This is specially the case for gadgets and higher end clothes that someone else might be selling in good condition.

For getting home after a shopping spree: Addison Lee

If you’re London-based the worst part of a shopping trip can be getting home. The tube is pretty unbearable at the best of times, but with about 39349 bags it’s unbearable. If you can spare the cash, treat yourself to a cab ride home instead and opt for Addison Lee to get you home as quick as possible – and in style.

For hiring someone else to do the work for you: Task Rabbit

If you can’t even bear the thought of going shopping, then get someone else to do it for you. Task Rabbit allows you to find people in your area who are willing to help out with odd-jobs and one-off projects. It may seem a bit diva-ish to employ this tactic more than once, but if you’re buying loads of stuff for a big occasion (we’re thinking Christmas dinner or party supplies) then you can justify employing a rabbit for the day.

Becca Caddy