250 new emojis are on their way to your phone: middle finger, Vulcan salute, spider

If you’re one of those people who prefers to ditch actual words in favour of emojis to tell someone you love them, will be with them shortly or think they’re a smiling poop, then today is your lucky day. Unicode, the guys behind those magical little images, are introducing 250 new emojis over the next few months.

You can view Unicode’s new emoji list for yourself to start getting excited about the innuendos you can make with smiling faces over summer, but some of our favourite new additions include a hand with a middle finger raised, a spider, a Vulcan salute, a squirrel, a golfer, a medal, a dove, a chipmunk, a bed and a weightlifter. Just think of the possibilities, people?! There aren’t any examples of how the new emojis will look quite yet, but we’ll keep you posted (not that it takes much of an imagination).

Unicode has already introduced the images and they’re set to make an appearance on our screens in July.

Becca Caddy

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