ShinyShiny interviews Georgia LA from The Fox Problem

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with HP and The Fox Problem.

Our competition with HP and The Fox Problem has just ended, ahead of a final party with The Fox Problem girls and loads of awesome music in London this evening.

To celebrate the end of the latest season of The Fox Problem, powered by HP, we caught up with presenter and brainchild of the show, Georgia LA.

Hi Georgia! So tell us, what’s The Fox Problem got to do with tech?

Everything! We couldn’t do our Skype head interviews without HP’s Split x2 laptops, and the HP Envy 23 Recline is integral for Twitter hosts, like Example and Fazer, to be able to do their thing!

Tell us about your role on The Fox Problem and how it all came about?

Well, I’m both a presenter and producer of the show! My friends Gemma Cairney, Georgie Okell and I came up with the idea for The Fox Problem. We made some ridiculous powerpoint presentations using daisies as bullet points and tried to pimp it out to whoever would listen to us.
Luckily for us, social media production company Telegraph Hill believed in it! We did the whole first series on a shoestring above a pub, and HP somehow believed in our madness too!

Wow, very inspiring! Give us a rundown of your video career to date.

Well I won the LG Media Talent Award when I was 18 and interned at actually! I did loads of internships after that while I was at uni studying journalism, the big one being SBTV where I became the first lady in the team of under 25’s responsible for the lifestyle outputs of the channel, interviewing everyone from Richard Branson to Justin Bieber!

That led to doing proper telly for Virgin Media, all of their music reporting and interviews and frantically pitching The Fox Problem! I hosted Vevo’s festival and red carpet coverage last year, I was the official music reporter for the Brits online and now I’m obviously working on The Fox Problem!

What area of tech most excites you?

I think self-charging phone batteries are quite exciting. I read The New Digital Age and the projections of what our future is going to be like in that just blew my mind – from superficial stuff, like holographic videos instead of photos in your living room, to how tech is seriously going to help developing countries.

Oh and the Leap Motion technology in the HP Envy 17 laptop is amazing, being able to control stuff with body movement is just sweeet.

What’s your must-have piece of tech day-to-day? Your OMG-I-just-can’t-live-without gadget?

Hmmm probs my HP computer – I try and touch the screen of any other ones I use then remember they can’t do it!

So do you have a piece of tech that needs fox-ing up?

Ermm I actually can’t think of one… my brain maybe?!

Becca Caddy