Clever new shopping site The Hunt launches with a bit of help from Kutcher and Banks

The world isn’t exactly short of social shopping sites at the moment. You know the places where you buy stuff and then share it via your social media accounts. Certainly loks like it is about to take over the enitire world.

Here’s yet another one – The Hunt – though this is is a site with a difference. Firstly it has some seriously high profile investors – more on those later – and secondly it has quite an interesting spin on shopping.

With The Hunt you do the usual stuff – create an account, link in with Facebook etc but then you use it to help you find an item – usually clothing – that you are keen to buy. Maybe it is a T shirt you saw someone wearing in a film, or some trousers that a retailer was selling but they have now sold out. You simply pop the image up, say whether you want an exact replica, or something similar and then ask the fellow Hunters to help you track the stuff down.

It does seem to be working in that I saw a few people who had been looking for something and had been recommended similar items by the group. It does seem short of exact matches though. Also it is seriously open to abuse. You could ask for something only to be peppered with spam suggestions. The beauty for spammers then is that people see that you have had your query answered click on and see the spam for themselves.

It is however one to watch.

Oh, and those high profile investors. Supermodel Tyra Banks and Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher both coughed up the cash.

Tyra said…

“What I love about The Hunt is that women help other women find their perfect outfit [head-to-toe]. I am excited to be part of this new approach to collective retail and styling.

Ashley Norris