Sharp unveils the 90inch Aquos LC-90LE757 – the biggest TV to go on sale in Europe ever

sharp-90-inch-tv1.jpgIf you are lusting after a big TV and we mean really big then Sharp has some great news. It has just agreed to start selling the Aquos LC-90LE757, which has a screen size of a monstrously large 90inches, in the UK.

Ideal for football player penthouses the set is a whole is six inches biggest than the previous 84-inch record holder from LG. It is an astonishing 1,2 metres tall and more than six feet wide.

Interestingly the set won’t be news to our American readers as it has been on sale there since June 2012, but up until now the company thought that there wasn’t enough demand for a set like it on this side of the pond.

“In the States people have bigger houses and bigger rooms, so large TVs represent a larger proportion of the marketplace,” GfK’s Nigel Catlow told the BBC.

“But as the TVs get thinner, more rooms are able to take a big TV set, and screen size is the biggest driver for making people want to buy a new product.”

The set has 1080p resolution and uses Sharp’s XGEN panel for Full HD active 3D video and 200Hz motion processing.It also comes with Sharp’s AQUOS NET+ 2.0 smart TV platform, which includes a web browser, YouTube and on-demand film services. It is 3D compatible, but not 4k the new form of HDTV.

sharp-tv 2.jpg

Ashley Norris


  • Not the largest sold in uk i saw 100 and 108 inchs on sale at one point like @Deep said just google 108 inch uk tv you will see countless results alright many went on sale at time but i know ive seen them on sale at some point.

    but more importantly its priced at £12,000 at that price its just about the most expensive way to get a 90 inch image in your living room. for goodness sake over 2 years ago i had a 3D projector with 7.1 surround fitted with a high end 1 kilo watt sub high end screen and all the accessories installed and fitted on site for around £10,000 and that was the high priced option (i could have saved at least £4,000 if i settled for just 'good' quality), yes you will need new bulbs ever few thousand hours viewing and black out curtains but its thousands cheaper it supports upto 200 inchs (mines at 136 inchs on a standard high wall with space above and below) and you range, quality and selction is great unlike these tv's where is the 90 inch sharp at 12k or a 17k LG (even more on other screens this size).

    my advice if you want a screen this size i strongly recommend looking into projectors a good one like a JVC DLP wont leave you disappointed and costs way less (enfact for less than the TV you can kit out the whole room with surround sound, blackout curtains, lights and money left for spare bulbs and 3D glasses)

  • This article is not accurate. 2 years ago, Panasonic were selling a 108inch in my local Currys store (UK). Albeit for £70'000

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